E-scooter in test phase

Around 200 TIER scooters with replaceable batteries are available for hire in Friedrichshafen during the vacation season.

Sechs E-Scooter von TIER auf einem Parkplatz
Foto: TIER

Special parking zones will be provided for the e-scooters to allow easy parking. The parking zones can be found in theTIER-App.

To use the turquoise e-scooters, you need the TIER app and start the rental via the integrated QR code or directly in the app. The activation fee is 1 euro and 25 cents per minute used. Payment can be made conveniently via PayPal or credit card.

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You need to install the app „TIER“ via Google Playstore or App Store, the app is free. Renting an e-scooter costs 1 € service charge per ride and 0.25 € per minute for driving. The payment is cashless and works through the payment informations you give in the app.

  • You are allowed to drive the e-scooter on all bike paths, bike lanes and on the special bike streets in the city. Only in the case of missing, you are allowed to drive on the street.
  • You are allowed to drive in the pedestrian zone (please take care of the valid street signs).
  • You are no allowed to drive on side walks or footpath.
  • You can use the e-scooter mostly like a bicycle. The use oft them is regulated under the scope of the German „Elektrokleinstfahrzeug-Verordnung“.
  • There is no duty to wear a helmet, but there is an advice to wear one because of the speed of 20 kilometers per hour.
  • The legal alcohol limit is the same like driving a car, because the e-scooter are legally counted as an e-bike.
  • You can see available e-scooter in the app „TIER“ on a map, where the ranges of the e-scooter are listed too.
  • A reservation of an e-scooter is not possible.
  • You can see no driving zones and no parking zones in the app „TIER“. It is not allowed to park there.
  • You have to take care, that the way you park the e-scooter does not hamper the public ways for traffic (do not park the e-scooter on the sidewalk, in the middle of bicyle paths or streets).
  • You can park in the e-scooter-hubs, where it is recommended to park the e-scooter. It is also possible to park outside the e-scooter-hubs, where it is allowed to park and no other people are prevented to consort carefree. Take care, that the sidewalk width is still 2 meters after parking an e-scooter. 
  • Parking the e-scooter at green areas is prohibited.
  • A mutual consideration is key.

You can drive with an e-scooter at the age of 14 years legally. To rent an e-scooter with TIER, you need to be at least 18 years old.

No, there is no duty for wearing a helmet. But it is highly recommended to wear one while driving.

There ist the same lecal alcohol limit for driving an e-scooter when driving a car, because the german law „Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Verordnung (eKFV)“ counts the e-scootes like e-bikes.

The e-scooter have a bell to produce perceptible noices in public traffic. Because they are very quiet while driving, mutual consideration is key. Please take special care of pedestrians while driving. There is a mobile phone holder for navigation via smartphone while driving.


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phone: +49 30 56838651

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