Haldenberg Chapel

The Haldenberg chapel in Ailingen was planned and built in 1892 by Johann Heinzelmann, a carpenter. In the year 1921, the chapel was carefully deconstructed and removed from the Reinachmühle and rebuilt on the Haldenberg. The chapel was renovated in 1996. Beside Kurt Zöller's mosaic "Stern im Lebensmeere" ("Star in the Sea of Life"), the modern Stations of the Cross (also by Kurt Zöller from Miltenberg) and the Alter of Grace (1893) are also well worth seeing. Evening prayers are held during the Summer, from June to August, every Thursday at 8pm.

The Haldenberg, at a stately altitude of 479 m, is a well-loved place for excursions. Numerous hiking paths invite you to explore this unique countryside. Walkers are rewarded with a splendid view when the weather is clear: Lake Constance lies, resplendent for the visitor, at the foot of the Haldenberg and the Alps form a majestic panorama in the background.


Haldenberg Chapel
88048 Friedrichshafen
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