Palace Church (Schlosskirche)


The Palace Church (Schlosskirche) is the landmark of the town, with its two 55 m. high domed towers of Rorschach sandstone, visible from far out on the lake. The church was built during the period from 1695 to 1701, under the direction of Christian Thumb and is one of the famous Barock buildings in Oberschwaben. In 1812, the church became an evangelical place of worship. An air raid in 1944 partially destroyed the building and, between 1947 and 1951, the restoration took place and the church was once again accessible for the evangelical congregation. You can view the ornamental stucco (School of Wessobrunn) on a walk around the interior.

Visting hours: From Easter to October: daily 9am - 6pm, except Thu 11am - 6pm, closed for visits during wedding ceremonies and services.

The Palace (Schloss) was originally built as a Weingarten Benedictine monastery by Michael Beer from Vorarlberg (Austria) in 1654. In 1802, it lost its status as a monastery during the process of secularisation. Under Wilhelm I of Württemberg, it was converted to a royal summer residence for the Württemberg Kings between 1824 and 1828. Today, it is a private residence and is closed to the public.


Palace Church (Schlosskirche)
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