Buchhorn Fountain

The Buchhorn fountain (Buchhornbrunnen) is one of the youngest emblems of Friedrichshafen. It's right in the centre of the old part of town, at Adenauerplatz, directly in front of the town hall. The fountain was designed and contructed by the married sculptors Barbara and Gernot Rumpf. It was inaugurated in 2001 and has been much loved by children ever since.

The Buchhorn fountain embodies a phantastic interplay of past and present, history and mythology, love of home and cosmopolitanism and art and technology. In the centre of the fountain's basin stands a stylised tree, a beech, with large leaves of brushed steel sheeting, arrayed in a lightly soaring composition. The abstracted form brings the tree itself to mind, along with its fruit, the beechnut. These, together with the horn, which lies at an angle in the basin, combine to form the word "Buchhorn" ("Beechhorn"), the original name of the town Friedrichshafen. Additional figures in the fountain depict the industrial development of the town.


Buchhorn Fountain
88045 Friedrichshafen
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