Since 2005, the former equipment house of the Ettenkirch Fire Brigade has been home to a small, but first class, exhibition on the history of the fire brigade. You'll come to understand the routine following the sounding of the fire alarm, the nostalgic fire detector and the so-called 'Weckerlinie' (wake-up signals), the protective overalls of the various decades and the fire engines at the turn of the last century.

At present, there are no fixed opening hours: those who are interested can arrange a visit with the Friedrichshafen Fire Brigade and will be given an informative, specialist tour through a part of fire brigade history. You're certain to be treated to stories concerning one or two specific exhibits; episodes which the senior firemen themselves experienced and which they retell with great verve.

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There are no fixed opening hours, if you are interested, the fire station Friedrichshafen can arrange a viewing in and get a knowledgeable guide through a piece of fire brigade history.