Sister Cities, Friendships & Sponsorship

The city of Friedrichshafen has friends all over the world. In addition to the six official sister cities, the citizens also maintain a city friendship and sponsorship.

The fact that all partnerships do not only exist on paper, but are actually filled with life is primarily due to the citizens here and in the sister cities. Over the years, many relationships and friendships between families, organisations, churches, schools and associations have developed through correspondence, student exchanges, holidays and citizens' trips.

Delitzsch, Germany

Wappen Partnerstadt Delitzsch

Sister city since: 1990
Population: approx. 25.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 600 kilometres

Peoria, USA

Peoria Logo

Sister city since: 1976
Population: approx. 120.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: approx. 7.400 kilometres

Polozk, Belarus

Wappen Partnerstadt Polozk

Sister city since: 1990
Population: approx. 83.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 2.200 kilometers

Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France

Wappen Partnerstadt Saint-Die-des-Vosges

Sister city since: 1973
Population: approx. 20.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 250 kilometres

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wappen Partnerstadt Sarajevo

Sister city since: 1972
Population: approx. 300.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 1.200 kilometers

Imperia, Italy

wappen imperia

Sister city since: 2014
Population: approx. 42.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 600 kilometres

Tsuchiura, Japan

Wappen Freundschaft Tsuchiura

City friendship since: 1994
Population: approx. 150.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: approx. 9.500 kilometres

Naval Air Wing 3 "Graf Zeppelin" on the North Sea coast, Germany

Wappen Patenschaft MFG Marinefliegergeschwader Wurster Nordseeküste

Sponsorship since: 1967
Population: approx. 17.000
Distance from Friedrichshafen: 880 kilometers

Association of Cities of Lake Constance

Städtebund Bodensee Logo

The International Lake Constance Region is a central living and economic area in the border triangle of Lake Constance. The most important task of the Städtebund Bodensee is the identification of common interests, their processing and their cross-border representation vis-à-vis the political decision-makers of the three countries. Greater mobility and people's cross-border economic activities are also bringing the International Lake Constance Region closer together.