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Welcome to a city of international character and cordial directness. High-tech location and trade fair metropolis - directly on the shores of Lake Constance

Friedrichshafen in Figures

Total: 62.368 (status: 31.12.2020)

Height above sea level  
City station: 404,1 m ü. NN
Harbour station: 397,8 m ü. NN
Airport: 410,0 m ü. NN

Geographical location
Church spire St. Nikolaus
Amplitude: 47 Grad 39 Min. 3 Sek.
Length: 9 Grad 28 Min. 32 Sek. (from Greenwich)

Total marking area
6.993 ha 10 ar 29 m²

Sister cities, friendships & sponsorship
Six official sister cities: Delitzsch, Imperia, Peoria, Polozk, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and Sarajevo, a friendship with Tsuchiura in Japan and the sponsorship for the Naval Air Wing 3 "Graf Zeppelin" on the North Sea coast

More about the sister cities & friendships

wappen friedrichshafen

In split shield left (front) in gold (yellow) a rooted green beech, right (back) in red a silver (white) hiphthorn (mouthpiece bottom) with golden (yellow) shackle and golden (yellow) fittings.

The town of the 19th/20th century consists of three old parts: the monastery to the west (now the castle) Hofen on the site of the name-giving old Buchenhorn (Horn = headland) together with the northern village Hofen inland, then the new town, which was not built until the beginning of the 19th century and forms the eastern connection to the old imperial city of Buchhorn.

The city is also built on a horn (headland) on the shores of Lake Constance and thus forms the eastern counterpart to the old name-giving "Buchhorn". The layout of the old town of Buchhorn shows the shape of a trapezium with an outwardly curved baseline (the horn); it covers an area of only 3.67 ha.

The main street, the former so-called Vordere Gasse, passed through the city from the Lower Gate to the Lake Gate. Hintere Gasse and Goldschmidgasse formed the second row of alleys running parallel to the north of the city. Obertorgasse, coming from the third city gate, the Obertor in the north, hit the Hintere and Vordere Gasse and led to the "Gredhaus" on the lake, the customs and control centre for shipping traffic. The square market place was located on Vorderen Gasse near the Lower Gate. It was surrounded by the church and the old granary (where grain was stored and sold to Switzerland).

The walls, the three gates and towers (powder tower on the northwest corner of the city) have disappeared, but the buildings at the western end of the former old town still clearly show the line of the former fortification ring. The distance from the Upper Gate to the Lower Gate is just over 300 meters. On the other hand, the length of Friedrichstrasse, which King Friedrich of Württemberg laid out in the new town north of the old town to the vicinity of the castle after 1810, is about one kilometre.

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The city of Friedrichshafen, founded in 1811, has over 60,000 inhabitants and is characterised by impressive innovations and forward-looking technologies as the most important business location on Lake Constance. Welcome on board!

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